He also talks about using the drug to escape the pain of being alone. So he ends the song with a bit of advice: make the best of your life if you only have a hundred (or less) years to live. Thanks for sharing. Relevance. Do you have a useful strategy for fighting loneliness? There's nothing like broken trust to mess with someone's heart and head for good. The band’s trademark tune makes us miss 2006 more than anything. Both of these songs are about being/feeling alone, even if around others. Lonely People" by America is on the list as #31. You'll expand your social circle beyond your school and your grade. I'm in depression . Desperate events are happening to the person in this 1984 song, and the narrator is attempting to reach out to show support before it's too late. As the fast-tempo, drum-heavy chorus kicks in, Sting’s whining vocals become an exasperated, shout-a-long cry against being ‘so lonely’. Playing songs about rejection can definitely make you feel less alone—and you'll find these anthems in every genre, from bubbly pop to gritty rock. Sign up for classes at the YMCA or your local gym. Loneliest lyrics: “Eleanor Rigby, died in the church/And was buried along with her name/Nobody came”. Make the break so you can mentally move on in a positive direction. Rodrigo Benavides via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway, With almost 7.5 billion people in the world, how could anyone be lonely? She said many of these people feel lonely, and unattractive. I've found they help me in times when I'm feeling extremely isolated from everyone... FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on October 29, 2019: Shannon - Oh, is that ever a sad one! In this beautiful country ballad from 1996, pride keeps the narrator lonely because he cannot admit to anyone that he misses his former partner. Quick! She was a difficult person, and many of my 9 other siblings more or less ignored her. Listen to them here. now ive lost her all i do is sleep, netflix and go to work. Will share to get the important message out about the serious health risks associated with loneliness or isolation. I hope you are doing well. Make a point of developing a better relationship with this one teacher. Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on July 27, 2017: This was a lovely article, not just for the list of songs, but for the charts with healthy advice about loneliness, and the map. irishgirl9327. Do an unexpected favor for a neighbor or acquaintance going through a tough time (e.g., someone with a sick family member, a single parent). Research indicates that loneliness, social isolation, and living alone can increase mortality risk by 26-32%. Leave us a suggestion in the Comments Section below. Rockersare known for their wild lifestyles which sometimes leads to drug use and depression. If you're in crisis and prefer to text rather than call, then here's a confidential crisis text line staffed nationally by trained counselors in suicide prevention. They are also often clever, funny and tell stories. He also says, "I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams." 22. 21. However, she seems to get no satisfaction from these flings. There are so many charities that need you. This sad breakup song captures how you feel once you come out the other side, and you want to warn your ex's new love interest to stay very, very far … If you’re going to go there, go all the way in and let it out. I broke away from that several decades ago, and it became more difficult to relate to her. Here's a list of 10 "I miss you" songs to help you feel like you're not alone when you're missing someone you love, whether it's your ex, a friend or someone who died. 50 of years of smoking. Question: Is loneliness a good thing or a bad thing? To help foster awareness and acceptance of mental health, we’ve rounded up 16 songs with lyrics about topics like therapy, depression, anxiety and more. Always a treat going through your playlists! Bill - Thanks for the great addition. A broken relationship has left her the ghost of her former self. up in a box. 1 decade ago. The lonesome narrator has photos of a former partner spread out all over her floor as she reminisces. He calls himself a drifter and claims he was born to walk alone. The song “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” is a wonderful example of a song about addiction. Thanks for ur Post..Those songs are really meaningful and ur description for each songs was really helpful to search in youtube.but can u do that for some more songs..please.. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on October 11, 2018: Juuso Rantala - Thank you for the song suggestion. It can be a one-time activity or an ongoing commitment of your time, but I find that getting out and meeting new and different kinds of people who need and appreciate my help keeps me positive. She stole his world and left him an emotional wreck, and he knows she won't be back. I'd add Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone Again Naturally" which has been covered by a slew of artists. Even though it seems like something you might not ordinarily do, try reaching out to a trusted teacher via email or school messaging so that you can talk to them about the difficulty you're having in their class. Loneliest lyric: “So lonely/So lonely/So lonely/So lonely/So lonely/So lonely/So lonely/So lonely/So lonely/So lonely/So lonely/So lonely”. 1. The Black Keys’ hulking slab of blues-licked rock proves being lonely doesn’t have to be downbeat. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on October 19, 2016: Devika - Thank you for reviewing the playlist and taking the time to leave a comment. — Katie H. Heavy (Official Video) - Linkin Park (feat. Seal the box with duct tape, and mark it with the date and “Do not open.” Then store the box in the attic or somewhere less accessible. I have many playlists. Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent from Mississauga, ON on October 15, 2016: The only one that comes from the musicians of my genre is "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake. Some critics contend that the song alludes to engaging in other solitary activities by oneself (if ya know what I mean). So many lonely people out there and I hope the music helps them sooth their soul. Stay with Me is an undeniably sad song about knowing your “relationship” is headed nowhere, but still hoping and pleading for the other person to just stay with you, even if it’s under false pretenses. Very interesting statistic about increased mortality due to loneliness and isolation. Looking forward to your next set of songs! Songs about depression can be the best place to turn when the black dog comes around. "Lonely Street" was a top ten pop hit for Andy Williams in 1959. Songs About Family Issues or Betrayal. Corner- Allie Moss. There are so many good ones. With frontman Dan Auerbach yearning for his lover over raunchy guitar riffs, the megalithic ‘Lonely Boy’ absolutely bangs. Have a wonderful day! Bill De Giulio from Massachusetts on October 15, 2016: Another great list Flourish. Have a great day! Author Cosmic Darren on December 17, 2018: Captain Beyond - Sufficiently Breathless. They are the envy of their less fortunate peers who blend quietly into the background. There's a simple moral in this 2004 song: Watch out when you fool around on your one and only because you'll go from being happy to Mr. Lonely. You need to be your biggest fan. Okay, my song suggestion is “This is for all the lonely people,” by America. Were you one of the cool kids in high school who basked in the spotlight of popularity? Thanks for recommending it. Thanks for sharing your sister's story and yours. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on November 07, 2019: Caitlyn - Thank you for the song suggestions. Thanks. Thanks nice songs. Loneliest lyric: “My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me”. Lonely Song No. There are so many other lonely people waiting to make connections with others. - Mother Teresa, Catholic nun, saint and missionary to the poor, Elevated blood pressure and levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). DOWNLOAD IT "Lonely" - Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco Sometimes you don’t need words. These are treasures. I will add the song as #86! The lonely man in this 1984 classic rock song desperately wants to be loved, but he's also afraid of playing the part of the fool in the relationship. I can't think of a song right now that you haven't already included. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on March 27, 2017: Shyron - Thank you for your suggestion! The song is told from the perspective of the regretful man who was once her partner until he betrayed her: She don't love you, she's just lonelyShe wasn't once upon a timeI remember her in the sunlightI remember her when she was mine, mine. Have a wonderful week. (Noooooo!) Best I ever had is by Vertical Horizon, from 1999. The endorphins will make you feel better. FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. It is one of the best rap Songs About Being Alone. Look for ways to fill your life with positive vibes. If you're one of them, then you have a lot of company. Coming to Terms - Carolina Liar (really good) I love all kinds of music, from opera and classical to rock and country and bluegrass and even zydeco. I hope you can reach out to someone you trust (a relative, a neighbor) and start to build an alliance that way. For this cut from Tyler’s fourth record ‘Flower Boy’ he teamed up with a trio of pals. This songs talks about all the sad things you experience, like being far away, while reminding you that you are still together and connected. Everyone wants to be like the cool kids. Far Far- Yael Naim . Take their photos off your phone and resist any urge to check out your former lover’s social media accounts. You're a wealth of songs about so many topics. The more love he gave me the more love I asked him to give and not for one moment did my foolish heart think of him then one day he turned and slowly walked out of my world. Please consider getting counseling and working through your losses of friendships, depression, compulsive video game playing, etc. I'm glad that you chose the theme of loneliness. Shyron E Shenko from Texas on January 15, 2017: I love all these songs, and will listen to them over and over again, but I do not see my favorite that use to make me cry, it was on Patsy Cline's last album (Sentimentally Yours) released in 1962. Wicked Game- Gemma Hayes