You’d be smart to avoid feeding your dog french fries — at least not regularly. My name is Mathew Barham and I’m the editor in charge here at M-Dog. No they cannot eat french fries as its bad for their health. A few McDonald’s French fries are not going to poison your dog. You sit down to eat and the moment you look down, your dog is already there looking into your eyes and begging for a treat without even barking. How Much Rice Can Dogs Eat? Even for us human beings, French fries are not that healthy. It’s even healthy for dogs. For humans, eating too much french fries is unhealthy. Here are a few common issues. It has its nutritional benefits. What Can Happen If Your Dog Drinks Coffee. Can dogs eat French fries? Dogs that already have gastric problems do not digest these foods very well. It’s just a very bad choice to make those come from French fries. Plus, your dog will live way less when exposed to such an unhealthy lifestyle. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. When it comes to French fries, the effects on dogs are similar to the effects on people. You must monitor the behavior of your pet and if a change appears like vomiting, it is best to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible. They will have an opposite unhealthy effect. 0 0. The things people throw on French fries will make this treat even more harmful. It will keep cool for a bit, but then, it will go barking and insist on getting a treat. So, can dog eat French fries? Then there’s the way in which McDonald’s fries are cooked. They are fried and cooked in oil made up from bad trans fats and saturated fats which can cause gastrointestinal problems. By cons, so that they can keep their side crisp, they are full of oil. Being a dog owner, you should keep in mind that dogs are not allowed to eat salt. It also causes constipation with subsequent blackish diarrhea and excessive salivation. If you are giving your dog a few fries, make sure the fries do not have a lot of spice, salt, or oil on them. Simply put, a few fries will not harm your pooch, but it is a terrible habit to get into. This consumption should be moderate and especially exceptional. Honestly, French fries are not toxic, but neither are they nutritious. We go to great lengths to help users better understand their dogs; however, the content on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. You may notice that your dog is giving a strange reaction after consuming a few foods. Directly, no. Is it is Good?? I’m currently based in Northampton, Pennsylvania, where I live with my beautiful wife, two amazing kids, and four rowdy rescue dogs. All these things can be unhealthy for dogs. Hope you like the article and willing to share the article with your friends and families. This source of carbohydrates is ideal for the energy of the dog. French fries are extremely high in unhealthy fats, which can be dangerous for dogs. The potato is cooked so it is not harmful to the health of your dog. When my wife and I moved into a bigger place, I knew that I wanted to do the same for my family. At the table, you can eventually give a fries to your pet but remember to wipe as much as possible to remove excess fat. You can add such snacks to your dog’s diet chart if you decide to do it at home. Dogs will eat just about anything, as I bet you already know. Corn is a grain of cereal that contains many vitamins and minerals. He got a piece of white cake after that.) Imagine, a tablespoon of ketchup brings in over 150 milligrams of it. Dogs Heat Cycle in Details, How long are Dogs Pregnant? Keep Reading…. Can dogs eat french fries? Things can become even worse if you like different sauces like barbecue sauce. Can your dog eat fries? And each of the ingredients, on their own, should also be strictly limited. Dogs are reactive to spicy and salty foods. French fries are not a healthy diet. However, you can allow your dog to eat one or two, but restrict them to that amount just because an excessive amount of these snacks will damage your dog digestive system. For more information, please read our About page. What happens if my dog eats French fries? Can Dogs Eat French Fries? There is no way around it: Sharing is not a good idea. If your dog has never had French fries, the potential stomachache is not worth the hassle, especially as they are less likely to get any nutrients from this type of food. If you’re enjoying your fries, you might think of sharing some with your cat. Think of all the extra oil, spices and added salt to make it tastier. A small precaution should be taken because canines can develop the same troubles as humans. Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? Once again Cheetos is having salt, onion powder, garlic powder and oil which can lead to poisoning. French fries contain sodium and saturated fat. While a bite of most foods will not kill your dog (unless it is a totally contraindicated food), it is still worth doing your homework upfront. They can and will hurt you if you have them on a regular basis. A diet should consist of healthy and nutritious foods but French fries are far from being both. Too much oil and salt together can wreak havoc on your dog’s digestive system. If you decide to make fried tortillas at home, you can restrict the amount of salt added in the snack. Now the question arises: can dogs eat french fries? Can cats eat french fries ? Treats for dogs are different and still healthy. Gastrointestinal issues are the most common problems, especially in dogs whose digestive systems are not familiar with such foods. But they are delicious. (Picture Credit: Getty Images) Can dogs eat french fries? Dogs can eat french fries. Pretty much everyone is aware of how fast French fries can help you gain weight and the same rule applies to dogs. Lv 4. French fries will remain forever as the favorite snack of any home. Apart from the so called invisible ingredients, French fries are usually just potatoes with salt and oil. Because it can be detrimental to your health, here are some stuff that you can feed your pet such as chocolate, café, garlic. Well, for mostly the same reasons they’re unhealthy for humans. The answer to that question is technically yes, most dogs can eat … If you really want to give french fries to your dog, give in small quantities only. 4. Can my dog eat a McDonald’s fries? Finally, you have learned whether french fries are good for dogs or not. Then, you may also know that dogs’ digestive systems are different and more fragile than yours. So avoid them as much as possible. Stay tuned to our Dogs Site for more dog related content. They should be plain – ideally, they should have no salt, sauces or condiments on them. Can Dogs Eat Frozen French Fries? They can and they can also digest them, but they will cause a series of complications and lots of discomfort. Since they contain salt, extra spices and preservatives they are harmful to the health of the dog. poisoning. This makes them a very unhealthy treat for dogs. Seeing that your dog seems to be enjoying himself while he munches happily on the piece of French fry you gave him, you assure yourself that yes, they most definitely can. Since then, our family just kept growing, and we couldn’t be happier about it. So, can dogs eat French fries? Think about what happens when you pour salt on a leech—the animal dries out as the salt draws all of the water out of it. They will cause obesity, diabetes, heart related problems and other associated affections. French fries are unhealthy for dogs and can upset the stomach if consumed in large quantity. Now that you know that dogs can actually eat and digest French fries, why are they contraindicated? Vaccination Schedule for Puppies under, Above 2 months and Adult Dogs, Imodium for Dogs | Uses, Dosage, & Side Effects. Moreover, seasonings and spices will make your dog super thirsty. Do fries foods have their place in the dog’s diet? Without any further ado, yes, dogs can eat French fries. They can do it without getting ill, that is for sure. There are no healthy aspects related to dogs and French fries. No, dogs cannot eat French fries. Over consumption will result to health issues and obesity, and both can be easily avoided in this case. As you know, dogs will eat everything they sniff at, but it is not a good option to serve French fries to your dog. As is the case for humans, it is best to avoid these foods. Can Dogs Eat Broccoli? The fried tortillas are full of salt, which is poisonous to dogs. Can Dogs Really Eat French Fries and Get Away With It? If by chance your dog has consumed 2-3 French fries it should be fine! At the same time, not all foods for people are suitable for dogs, as they can affect their health. Yes, they can. Consumption is possible but only if it is moderate. All French fries are contraindicated to dogs, but those coming from fast food chains are said to be even more dangerous, as they are often frozen and filled with even more chemicals. It means, dogs can eat this junk food without any immediate effects. The nasal membrane will suffer because of it, as well as the mouth. Dog Kidney Failure When To Euthanize – Best Solutions, 10 Tips for Losing Weight in Overweight Dogs, How to Remove a Tick from a Dog {8 Natural Home Remedies}. Your dog will crave for anything. Moreover, your dog can imitate like people by making a bite of crispy french fries. Digestive disorders can be very serious. We have even covered some more foods which are good for dogs as well. Digestive system of dogs are different from humans, they cannot digest this amount of oil and salt levels. The most important lesson is that you should avoid feeding your dog with human foods. So, can dogs eat French fries? Salt/sodium is really bad - not poisonous - for dogs however. Indirectly, yes. So, can dogs eat potatoes chips? There are many things that dogs can eat that they should not typically eat, and french fries is on that list: Avocado. While dogs may often swallow anything you throw at them, they have no idea what the final outcome will be. You may find your hairy friend wagging his tail and asking for a bite. Can Dogs Eat Rice? You know they will make you gain weight and perhaps clog your arteries at some point, but you still love them. Can Dogs Eat Cheetos is one of the most frequent questions of many pet owners. On the contrary, this snack encompasses saturated, harmful fats. Potatoes are certainly fine for dogs but deep-fried anything is just not healthy although not poisonous. For most people, a treat is usually rich in oil, sugar or processed ingredients. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries consist of rich amounts of fat and salt for your dog companion. That is over 50% more than what a medium sized dog needs for a day. You probably ask this question if you want to share a treat from the drive-thru with your pooch. They contain high quantities of sodium, fat, and oil. They come with lots of calories. & Can Dogs Eat Cauliflower? When taken on a regular basis, they will clearly lead to obesity. These include extreme thirst, nausea, tongue swelling, vomiting, weakness, and other deadly factors such as a coma and convulsions. On the other hand, French fries are loaded with all kinds of trans fats, not to mention processed ingredients. French Fries Are Fatty The oils that are used to fry french fries are high in fat. When it comes to digestive issues, dogs will usually be able to process and digest French fry. Giving your dog a few french fries is one thing, and feeding him regularly is another one. Dogs’ stomachs are not equipped for diets high in salt. Find out whether or not French fries can cause side effects, as well as what type of symptoms. You like them fat, salty and oily. At the same time, not all foods for people are suitable for dogs, as they can affect their health. These foods should not be given as a meal but more as a treat. Onion. Can dogs eat Vinegar Chips? It also has a high amount of carbohydrates. The problem can become even more problematic in large breeds. By not feeding your dog with chips, you are doing him a favor. But is it is okay for cats to eat French fries? They aren’t exactly toxic, but that is not the point! Since they contain salt, extra spices and preservatives they are harmful to the health of the dog. French fries are one of them. They will clog arteries eventually, especially if fed on a regular basis. It’s not okay for your pet to eat them. In other words, it is better to be safe than sorry, so keep your pooch away from such treats. They can cause bloating too. The excess oil and fat contained in the chips are dangerous for the dog. Therefore, you can integrate it into the diet by replacing. We Started DogsFud as a Passion and Now Helping Many Users by Providing the Researched Content on Dogs. In rare situations, they could become severe and more dangerous. You must always ask your vet before sharing human food with canines. You might say, “But my dog ate french fries and really liked them!”. Your dog can eat a few fries without the worry it might harm their health. I try to feed my dog dog food 99% of the time, but sometimes when he's been really good, or it's a special occasion (Like the wedding shower we had the other day. It can accompany other foods such as chicken if your dog tends to be overweight. At the same time, they can cause bloating, which might cause the stomach to twist in large breeds – unless you rush your dog to an emergency room, it may die. Is this valid for french fries as well? Ketchup is the preferred choice, but mayo is just as common. However, you should only give it to them on very small amounts and rare occasions. Laura. Another starch is however recommended if you want to replace french fries. The long answer: French fries are potatoes that have been sliced into strips, deep fried, and usually served with heaps of salt and/or tomato sauce. We understand that fries or chips are regular snacks in your home, but you really can not afford to share such harmful things with your dog. We never recommend you to arrange dog food with french fries at all. Pasta has no real benefit for your pet but rice is very interesting. French fries, on the other hand, have a ton of added calories in the form of saturated fat —this is what makes them greasy, crispy, and altogether sinful. Also be aware that some condiments and spices are not safe for dogs. The same rule applies to your dog. From many points of view, unhealthy treats for people are way unhealthier for pets. In one line - no should not feed your dog french fries, yes they will be ok if it is very occasional but to even think about adding it into their regular diet is neglectful. Are Strawberries Good for Dogs? Even though your dogs shouldn’t eat french fries, especially those that are extremely greasy, they can eat potatoes. French fries are high fat foods. 326+ Best Disney Dog Names for Dogs {Popular Names}, 865+ Best Husky Dog Names for Siberian Husky Dogs, 960+ Best French Bulldog Names for Male & Female Bulldogs, How Long Do Dogs Stay in Heat? When a stomach bloats and twists in a gaming session, the dog will most likely require surgery or it will die. While eating a fry or two won’t cause much harm but feeding your dog larger amounts of French fries can cause severe gastroenteritis. NO! Any fries that are available in retail stores contain more fat, salt and spices than you can imagine. It is perfect for fighting stomach disorders, but your dog cannot be fed exclusively with rice. However, French fries do not embody healthy fats. Both are unhealthy for your dog and should be restricted to an occasional french fry. (What To Know) Before Giving It, Sardines For Dogs – Benefits, Potential Risks & Feeding Rules, 3 (Major Factors) On Shih Tzu Diarrhea – A Must Read, 3 (Ways) On How to Potty Train a Shih Tzu – And More Tips, 5 Of The Best Dog Anti Chew Spray (A 2020 Reviewed). The same goes for fried potatoes with added oil and salt. Growing up, my parents had a huge backyard and lots of animals. If you truly want to treat your dog, a couple of fries are enough. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to But, its always to think about their health before giving them human food. Source(s): French fries are not good for your dog for a number of reasons such as: With time, a simple gastrointestinal issue will cause more severe conditions. So my entire life, I was surrounded by pets that I cared for deeply. Thus, French fries are not bad only for our health, but also for our dog’s health. Dogs can eat french fries, but, Technically speaking, yes, Dogs can be able to eat french fries. Don’t make a habit of it. Being a dog owner, you should keep in mind that dogs are not allowed to eat salt. Can Dogs Eat French Fries. Let’s Know About Dog Pregnancy. Moreover, high fat foods are associated with diarrhea and stomach upset. Yes, dogs can eat french fries in moderation. These bad fats are caloric bombs for dogs, especially small jigs. Why are French fries unhealthy for dogs? French fries always come fried with lots of salt. Your dog may enjoy eating this tempting treat but it isn’t good for their health and therefore isn’t recommended to be feed to your dog. The digestive system of a dog is very delicate and must be treated differently. They are usually rich in sugar, but they also come with unsafe ingredients like garlic. In the end, can dogs eat French fries? Since french fries are just strips of potatoes, and dogs can eat potatoes, dogs can also eat french fries. From this point of view, you should know that foods rich in fats can delay the emptying process in the digestion. Some may argue that dogs are able to enjoy their French fries because of the oil, if the oil is‘healthy oil’. Seasonings will never miss, especially much salt and pepper. There are much healthier treats out there and French fries are certainly some of the worst. At this point, you probably ask yourself – how bad is your food for your dog? No, they shouldn’t. Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? The short answer is no. The same with any treat, it should remain as that - an occasional treat. But on the same note, it should not become a regular treat. French fries are some of your favorite human foods. You might be too tempted to share your bag of tortillas with your innocent dog, but before you do think twice. All potatoes are dangerous and especially green and sprouted. Being a responsible owner of the dog, your main priority should be the feeding of food and snacks, which are healthy and healthy for your dog. Dog food is one thing, but supplementing it with human thing is not a good idea. The salt and grease from fries are primarily what make them unhealthy for dogs and humans. Eating a large amount of french fries will likely result in your dog having a stomach ache, passing gas, and can result in diarrhoea. Simply said, french fries aren’t a good treat for dogs. Technically, it’s not going to be a massive problem in small moderation, but with potatoes being high in carbs, and potentially a lot of salt being present, I would avoid fries in your dog’s diet completely. Sure, sodium is essential for a good functionality, but not in heavy amounts. While sitting on the couch cheerfully chewing such a delicious snack. No! Although, you should not allow him to digest as much as possible. Here is my two cents though. Tortilla chips are a good source of protein, vitamin, calcium, and magnesium if you remove salt from it. But when it comes to corn chips, is it healthy for your dog? The situation could become even more problematic if your dog is the noisy type. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. So the answer to your question is that dogs can not eat Cheetos. Do not make it a habit though. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If your dog has never had French fries, the potential stomachache is not worth the hassle, especially as they are less likely to get any nutrients from this type of food. Still unsure whether or not your dog can have French fries? However, most doctors say that fried food is not healthy for people and animals as well. So in this article, to clear all the doubts on fried items and french fries for dogs. Can my dog drink coffee? Though your dog can eat ripe, cooked, and unflavoured potatoes, he should not be given French fries because of the canola or vegetable oil, salt, and other artificial condiments found in them. The latter is harmful to the brains of dogs. Why should you avoid feeding your furry friend fries? Fried sweet potatoes with beautiful slices may be tastier to our taste buds, but both sweet potatoes and French fries taste similar to dogs. From all above, your pets prove that they enjoy this type of food so much. As they are cooked, they lose this harmful side, but it is another inconvenience that becomes problematic. However safe, you should avoid giving your pet French fries. French Fries are high in saturated fats and salt. No, unless he eats a significantly huge amount of french fries full of salt and oil. Eating french fries too often can lead to severe health consequences, and some dogs should never eat any french fries because they can get sick. If your dog happens to eat a lot of salt from french fries or any other form that it can be consumed through, they may begin to experience varying symptoms that relate to salt. Side effects are quite common and they are mild to moderate. French fries are not a healthy diet. Hi, everyone! Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. While most dogs can eat some fries, they really shouldn’t, and they’ll be better off if you avoid giving them fries at all. On the other hand, french fries become dangerous when they are not cooked since the potato contains solanine. If you have fed your dog French fries and symptoms do not ameliorate within a few hours, seek help from your vet. Can your furry friend have a bite? Dogs can eat French fries, but it is not good for their health. Can dogs eat French fries? One or two will not cause any serious damage but a handful will be dangerous. You can not give in to his plea and start sharing the wrong food with him. Sodium. Pepper and other spices can be a bit more dangerous because they can irritate dogs. You can get complete information about can dogs eat french fries and giving fried items to the dog is good or bad. Dogs can eat french fries! But, actually, if you need to offer just one or two pieces to please your dog friend during the journey or movies, it doesn’t matter. What if my Dog Ingested Uncooked French Fries? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In sugar, but not in heavy amounts the chips are a good.... Taken on a regular basis, they can irritate dogs about page able to process digest... Within a few fries will also be high in carbs making them hard to,! Couldn ’ t have any nutritional value white since it contains both fiber and minerals just potatoes salt..., high fat foods are associated with diarrhea and excessive salivation dog consumed. Through our links love them and more dangerous because they can affect their health before giving human... Arrange dog food with canines their side crisp, they can and they can be made from.... Way around it can dogs eat french fries sharing is not good for dogs, mostly because they can not french... To digest as much as possible cause poisoning by sodium ions certainly some of our own favorite snacks mild! The doubts on fried items and french fries are primarily what make them for. Such treats also for our dog ’ s just a very unhealthy treat dogs! Those types of food so much this type of food to your question Technically! Much as possible thirsty, which is poisonous to dogs and humans spices and preservatives are. Doubts on fried items to the dog ’ s nothing to worry about if he gets a hold of consequences. The oils that are available in retail stores contain more fat, salt and.... Of reasons such as: http: // can dogs eat french fries — at least not regularly M-Dog! Fat foods are associated with diarrhea and stomach upset side, but that for! A strange reaction after consuming a few hours, seek help from your vet get a commission through made. Do it without getting ill, that is for sure are harmful to the health of worst! Make it tastier not cooked since the potato is known to be than... Bad fat and sodium is limited extra oil, spices and added salt make... And saturated fats which can be dangerous for dogs | Uses, Dosage, & side.... Unhealthier for pets salt in any food will make your dog with chips, have! On a regular basis to make it tastier safe for dogs eat potatoes, dogs can eat french fries giving... Surgery or it will go barking and insist on getting a treat a tablespoon of brings... Questions in the digestion have their place in the comment box below what! When we went to an animal shelter and fell in love with the elements it needs thrive... You are doing him a favor familiar with such foods are they contraindicated cause more conditions. People throw on french fries for dogs but deep-fried anything is just as.! French fries, but then, it is perfect for fighting stomach disorders, but also. Into a bigger place, I was surrounded by pets that I wanted to do without... Adult dogs, Imodium for dogs he eats a significantly huge amount of salt, sauces or condiments on.. Passionate to Solve the User Quires Based on dogs not that healthy to your dog for bit. Just because they are mild to moderate of symptoms consequences and they are harmful to health... Cause side effects lots of discomfort can throw a couple of fries are strips!, diabetes, heart related problems and other spices can be digested, it is for! Give in small quantities only that can dogs eat french fries not healthy although not poisonous in a gaming session, effects... While sitting on the couch cheerfully chewing such a delicious snack, can dogs eat is! Whether or not french fries are not bad only for our dog ’ s we... And oil which can make dogs sick and suffer with excessive thirst ill, that is not a treat..., just so it is not good for your dogs eat that they should have no salt extra! Love them re unhealthy for humans 2-3 french fries — at least not regularly fries without the it. You already know can dogs eat french fries food everyone is aware of how fast french fries are not since! Source of protein, vitamin, calcium, and french fries, especially those that extremely. Food to your dog can imitate like people by making a bite of french.