Named e-Berlingo, the van forms part of the wider PSA Group's aim to have a … It shouldn’t be too long now until a new Berlingo delivery van breaks cover. Berlingo comes from a long line started in 1928 with the C4 van. New Citroen Berlingo Vans. With a choice of different versions, you can pick the right Berlingo Van … The Citroen Berlingo is a powerful little new van and as result is one of the most popular and versatile panel vans … New Berlingo comes … Launched in 1996 and produced more than 1.5 million copies, the iconic Citroën Berlingo gives way to its third generation, called Citroën Berlingo Van. See how well the van… The Citroen Berlingo of 2021 Live Pack gives access to the range, that means having the basics and essentials but, this does not reduce comfort or safety since, although its price starts from a competitive price such as 18,200 euros for the configuration such as Citroen Berlingo … All new Berlingo vans are big on comfort, offering ergonomic efficiency in the cab, setting a new benchmark in the small vans segment which saw it crowned International van … Visually, it hardly differs from the version with the combustion engine. New Citroën Berlingo provides dynamic handling thanks to the combination of a new platform and the latest generation of engines that offer low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. New Citroen Berlingo Van for Sale. The New Citroen Berlingo is the ideal workmate. With the largest range of brand new Citroen Berlingos across the UK, you will be sure to find your perfect vehicle. Citroen has released full details of its new electric Berlingo van, to be launched in the second half of 2021. When looking for a new van, consider factors like the size of the van, its fuel economy,the height and length of the van and its load carrying space, and the overall driving experience. With a wide choice of brand-new vans available, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect van for you. New Berlingo Van realizes a real leap of generation in … Citroën has unveiled the new ë-Berlingo panel van, which is scheduled to go on sale in the fourth quarter of 2021 and completes Citroën’s trio of electric commercial vehicles after the ë-Jumpy and the ë-Jumper. Find New Citroen Berlingos for sale on Parkers. Reliable, versatile and hard-working, there's no other van that will meet your business needs more than the Berlingo. In 1950 is presented the famous 2 CV minivan, 100% utility version of the … The New and improved Citroen Berlingo panel van has striking looks, comfort and stability; making it the perfect business partner. At Citroën, the history of the van begins in the twentieth century. The electric version of the van … The Citroen Berlingo is available with the 1.2i 110ps petrol engine and the Euro 6.2 BLUE 1.5HDi 75ps, 100ps and 130ps diesel engines.